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Cost-Effective Solar Water Heating Installations

Cut overhead expenses up to 50-80% for your commercial business, apartment building, school or city facillity by installing a solar water heating system. Also known as a solar thermal system, reduce your carbon footprint while saving thousands of dollars. Think about what you can do with that extra capital.

In addition to a cost-effective solar hot water installation, you can save up to $500,000 total on state rebates, a 30% federal tax credit and city incentives. Contact us now to get started on your solar savings »

How Solar Water Heating Works

  1. Energy from the sun is absorbed by large panels, usually on the roof of your building.
  2. The large panels convert the energy into electricity.
  3. This electricity is sent into battery cells housed within a power box we install in your building.
  4. The power box generates energy for your facility's heated water system or into a storage tank that will replenish the heated water system while being used by your employees, tenants, or public workers.

Our Services for Solar Thermal Installations


Invest in solar water heating and reap benefits from savings, rebates and tax credit! Get started with a solar thermal installation! Call us now at 888.49.SOLAR (76527) »

Noteworthy Solar Thermal Installations

Solar hot water installation on Potrero Hill Apartments, San Francisco Commercial solar hot water installation on Westlake Christian Terrace, Oakland Solar water heating system for University of San Francisco
Solar water heating system for Environmental Protection Agency Solar thermal installation for US Coast Guard at SF International Airport

St. Francis Square Co-op solar pv installation


Commercial Solar Thermal Installations in San Francisco

Commercial solar water heating installation on Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco Solar heating system in Downtown San Francisco Solar water heating installation for Nob Hill Tower
Commercial installation in Russian Hill Solar thermal installation on Berkeley apartment building Commercial solar thermal installation in Pacific Heights
Solar Water Heating Installation on an Apartment on California and Presidio in San Francisco Commercial solar hot water installation in Mission District, San Francisco layout spacer


Solar Water Heating Systems for Multi-Family: South San Francisco and Berkeley

Commercial installation in process on re-roofed home Commercial solar thermal installation for South San Francisco apartments Berkeley Apartment Building with solar hot water heating