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Highrise Apartments & School Cogeneration Installs

Tecogen CogeneratorCogeneration refers to an eco-friendly system that produces two useful sources of energy: electricity and heat. Occidental Power sells, installs and services Tecogen cogenerators—pictured on the right.

Why Cogeneration Saves You Money

In the right application, natural gas cogenerators can pay for themselves in two to five years. One of our clients reduced their utility bill from $100,000 to $50,000 by installing a natural gas cogeneration system. These cogenerators produce 60 kilowatts of electricity continually, provided there is a heat load to accept heat from the generator. Water is heated by the generator to provide hot water or hot air for domestic use, pool water heating, or space heating. Cogenerators are a 90% efficient means of producing both electricity and hot water at the same time..

How Cogenerators Work

Cogenerators are kind to the environment because it uses the cleanest fossil fuel to naturally produce electricity and hot water.
This is how:

  1. A cogenerator burns natural gas.
  2. This process powers a generator that produces electricity.
  3. The generator is cooled by water, producing hot water as a by-product.

Cogenerators harness the "waste" heat instead of throwing it away, unlike conventional electric generators.

Our installations have included health clubs, municipal pools, schools and apartment buildings with large domestic water heating, pool water heating, or space heating requirements. Additional services include:


Selected Installations for Co-Op Highrise, Apartment & School

San Francisco co-op highrise using cogeneration Cogeneration system  installation for a Pacific Heights multi-family building San Jose's James Lick High School cogeneration installation