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Our Solar Installation Process

Occidental Power equals turnkey business. From the beginning to the end of a commercial solar installation process, your experience with us will be seamless. We handle all aspects of an installation from construction permits to processing rebate paperwork. Our personable team will also share our expertise with you throughout the entire process. Meet our team »

To see what we mean, we'd like to show you our process so youl know what you can expect from us.

  1. Quote – After we hear from you whether by phone, email, or our online quote form, our Occidental Power associate will contact you to schedule a site visit. We'll evaluate the available roof space, verify the electrical service and analyze energy usage from your utility bills.

  2. Proposal – Our associate will prepare a proposal, which outlines the system equipment, contract cost, state rebate amount, and federal tax credit.

  3. Contract – After you have reviewed the proposal, a contract will be drafted. Once the contract and rebate reservation forms are signed, we will process the rebate paperwork and begin the project production.

  4. Design – Our in-house designer will schedule a time to see your roof. You can review the design before it is submitted for a permit.

  5. Construction – We take care of all material procurement, permits, engineering and installation. See following Construction Process.

  6. Solar Powered! – After the project is complete, we will prepare the utility application and ensure that all government and city financial incentives and credits are fully maximized. The project manager will walk you through the system, describing equipment and providing warrantee and product guides.

Your system is now saving you money!

Enjoy the benefits of a solar powered building sooner than you think! Give us a call to get started: 888.497.6527 or ask to have a quote site visit.

Solar Installation Checklist

You don't have to find a contractor or handle paperwork yourself, we handle all aspects of the construction project:


To get started, call 415.681.8861 or toll free 1.888.49.SOLAR or request a quote!