Standout Outdoor and Occidental Power Partner Up to Create the First Solar-Powered Billboard in San Francisco

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[Video: Wide shot of billboard from street and slowly zooms in to billboard that reads in large yellow letters with black background “Re-volt. Use more sun.” The left lower corner of the billboard shows in white letters “ 1.800.SUNPOWER.” The right lower corner of billboard shows small Sunpower logo in white. Cut to Kennedy speaking with billboard behind him]

General Manager of Occidental Power, Greg Kennedy (Voiceover}: Thousands of solar panels like these will soon start appearing on San Francisco's rooftops.

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Kennedy: My name’s Greg Kennedy, I’m the general manager of Occidental Power Solar and Cogen company here in San Francisco. And we’re a SunPower dealer and we’re the oldest firm in town. We’re proud to say that we designed and built the solar for Standout Outdoor. It’s just about the only solar-powered billboard here in San Francisco

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[Video: Close up shot of billboard supported by two solar panel installations]

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Kennedy: Solar is a great application for billboards. It’s a good fit.

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[Video: Seropan speaking with billboard behind him]

Partner with Standout Outdoor and Private Property Owner, Milt Seropan: I’m Milt Seropan private property owner in San Francisco and in partnership with Standout outdoor we saw an opportunity to lower our carbon footprint to zero with this billboard and hopefully with the help of the city of San Francisco we went through the process and what you see behind me it’s history, it’s actually working.

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[Video: : Front view of billboard with solar panels]

Seropan: It’s using zero electricity as we speak and hopefully others will see our lead and follow it.

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[Video: : Seropan at gray metal box with Kennedy standing by him. Seropan pulls up a red switch. Turns and motions to Kennedy with a thumbs up. Kennedy nods with thumbs up, too]

Seropan: We're on!

Kennedy: Excellent!

[VIDEO: Close-up shot of billboard from street and fade to black]