Occidental Power Talks Solar with Norway’s Television Public Broadcasting Station

Video captioned in Norwegian. Transcript translated from Norwegian to English.

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[VIDEO: News anchorman standing next to a large screen with image of Golden Gate Bridge]

ANCHOR: The US state, California is a world leader when it comes to renewable energy.

[VIDEO: Large screen image dissolves from Golden Gate Bridge to former President Trump showing Norwegian words that translate to "Renewable energy is an expensive way for people to do good for their environment"]

ANCHOR: President Donald Trump says renewable energy is an expensive way for people to do good for their environment.

[VIDEO: Large screen image dissolves from former President Trump to solar panels]

ANCHOR: Many people in California with solar electricity have been able to deduct 30% off the cost of their taxes. Now many fear Trump will remove all tax benefits for solar installations.

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[VIDEO: Slow zoom in from wide shot of Golden Gate Bridge and downtown San Francisco skyline; Cut to cars driving in the rain on the streets and highways; Cut to a trolley car riding down the hill; cut to horizonal view of Golden Gate Bridge across the San Francisco bay and dissolves to still image of former President Donald Trump.]

GRO HOLM, NORWAY CORRESPONDENT FOR SAN FRANCISCO (VOICEOVER): San Francisco and California has been sunny for the past 56 years, and California has experienced drought. Come the rain in huge numbers. The changes are palpable, according to the researchers. Donald Trump doesn't agree:

[VIDEO: Still image presentation of former President Trump's left side of face to the right of screen with a caption in Norwegian to the left of his face. Images and quotes in Norwegian of former President Trump change from facing front to facing left per quote as presented in bullet points below.]



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[VIDEO: Gro Holm and Greg Kennedy walking from a solar work area/garage of Occidental Power general office; cut to close-up of them walking; cut to pan from garage to Gro Holm and Greg Kennedy talking on roof next to solar panel.]

HOLM (VOICEOVER): Introducing Greg Kennedy. He started almost four decades ago. One of California's first firms to supply solar [panel installations] to large and small customers. His story begins with this.

[VIDEO: Gro Holm facing Greg Kennedy speaking; cut to Greg Kennedy facing Gro Holm with solar panel behind him; cut to the two of them conversing on roof; cut back to Greg Kennedy facing Gro Holm with a solar panel behind him.]

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GREG KENNEDY, OCCIDENTAL POWER, FOUNDER/GENERAL MANAGER: I started in 1980 under Jimmy Carter and there were incentives both from the federal and the state level that back then, we primarily did solar water heating and then over time, Occidental Power continued to stay the course and do whatever we can given the politics and the incentives.

[VIDEO: Gro Holm and Greg Kennedy talking on the roof blurred with solar panel in focus]

HOLM (VOICEOVER): Both suppliers of solar plants and customers can currently deduct 30% of the investment costs of the tax.

[VIDEO: Close up of Greg Kennedy’s fingers pointing at silver lines on a solar panel]

KENNEDY: These lines are silver and that's where the electrons will gather and go on those little tiny lines, and then they'll all end up on these main lines.

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[VIDEO: Close up to wide shot of Greg Kennedy of the lines on a solar panel and cut to a set of installed solar panels on a roof]

HOLM (VOICEOVER): Beginning January 2020, the scheme will be scaled back unless it is renewed. Greg fears Trump will cut all tax benefits for the solar industry.

[VIDEO: Occidental Power installer performing maintenance to solar panel connection box. Cut to close up of hands separating wire connections.]

KENNEDY: We would have to transform ourselves potentially into doing more maintenance and service on existing systems.

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[VIDEO: Blur of houses speeding by as viewed from a car window. Cut to a view of homes on the street as viewed through a car windshield. Cut to a back view neighborhood of homes Cut to view of rooftops. Cut to Gro Holm speaking to a man on rooftop of his home. Cut to closer view of them standing next to solar installation.]

HOLM (VOICEOVER): Most homes that receive electricity from the sun are connected to the usual electricity network to have energy on cloudy days. But there are still a few San Francisco residents who have invested in solar and Mark is one of them.

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[VIDEO: Closer shot of homeowner and Gro Holm walking and conversing alongside solar installation to homeowner.]

HOLM: Could you have afforded this if it hadn’t been for the tax credits and support from the San Francisco city?

[VIDEO: Zoom in to waist-up view of homeowner and Gro speaking to each other.]

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MARK CAMPBELL, HOMEOWNER AND CUSTOMER OF OCCIDENTAL POWER: Absolutely not. No, it would have been cost prohibitive to have spent $13,000 on solar power saving. But with the tax incentives and the rebate, it helped us--convinced us to put a trigger on it

[VIDEO: Shot of electricity meter. Cut to closer view of meter’s LCD screen.]

HOLM (VOICEOVER): The electricity meter shows the net consumption for electricity both ways.

[VIDEO: Mark explains to Gro in the utility room where the electricity meter is]

CAMPBELL: We get a credit for every kilowatt that's above and beyond what we use here in the house. So whatever is leftover goes back to the grid and we are credited for that.

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[VIDEO: Close up of paint brushes in glass jar. Cut to wide shot of Mark painting on canvas.]

HOLM (VOICEOVER): Mark is a painter and uses a lot of electricity for the light bill used to be up to 2500 kroner ($353) a month.

[VIDEO: Close up of Mark painting mountains.]

HOLM: How much do you save by having this solar?

[VIDEO: Mark and Gro in utility room]

CAMPBELL: The thing is we don't have a power bill right now so…

HOLM: Not at all?

CAMPBELL: Not at all.

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[VIDEO: Still shot of a row of aluminum frames holding solar panels.Cuts to a still shot of a field of solar panels. Image dissolves to drive-by of solar fields in the California desert]

HOLM (VOICEOVER): California is also home to several state subsidies for giant solar energy initiatives. Fully developed, this facility can supply 1,000 households with electricity,

[VIDEO: Businessman speaking in his office]

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HAL HARVEY, ENERGY INNOVATION, LLC, CEO): The price of solar has dropped 80% in the last six years and wind has dropped by 50%. And their not done with the price drops, so it's now the cheapest source of energy.

[VIDEO: Gro Holm in forefront of blurred backdrop of downtown San Francisco, cuts to front view of Hal Harvey facing his computer monitor and switches to an over the shoulder shot of Hal Harvey and his computer screen showing a wind power windmill.]

HOLM (VOICEOVER): Trump is serious about shifting energy in the direction of coal, oil and gas. How free is California to follow its own path? Energy scientist Harry said many big and important decisions have long since been made.

[VIDEO: Hal Harvey speaking in his office]

HARVEY: California is on a pathway to decarbonize. It will. It is committed to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2050. To be 50% renewable on the grid by 2030.

[VIDEO: Gro Holm facing Hal Harvey in his office.]

HOLM: How likely is it that President Trump will try to fight the renewable energy industry?

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[VIDEO: Close up of Hal Harvey answering question.]

HARVEY: In order for Trump to resuscitate coal, he has to revoke the laws of economics, right? So we can move into a socialist state where we prop up inefficient industries. Or we could be a free market state and let coal die a natural death.

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[VIDEO: Gro Holm sitting in backseat of car behind Greg Kennedy driving.]

HOLM: Will the solar business ever be able to compete with fossil fuel when it comes to job creation?

[VIDEO: Pan to closer view of Greg Kennedy driving.]

KENNEDY: Yes, I believe so. Absolutely. It's already starting to do so. Ultimately, solar will trump Trump and it will be a dominant force. It's just a matter of time.

[VIDEO: Dissolve to glaring sun, while freight train slowly rides by. Fade to black]