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Storage Battery Solutions for Business and Home

Occidental Power now offers custom assessment and installation of battery storage solutions for solar-powered homes and businesses. Batteries can reduce your electricity bill by saving the excess solar energy produced during the day for use at night or during high-rate times. Battery-powered systems are a reliable solution to maintaining control of your access to energy even when your local utility is shut off.

A battery system works in tandem with your solar electric system (photovoltaic) to receive and store your electrical energy. Batteries are a great option for areas with frequent utility shut offs, charging electric vehicles at night, and aids during times of emergency from power outages caused by unforseen events, for example storms.

We installed the first lead-acid battery options from the start. But now we offer a wide variety of sustainable options, such as batteries made from lithium iron ferrous phosphate for residential use, and other large commercial options for heavier power loads to support large businesses.

For Business

Solar battery storage by Tesla for heavier power loads for larger businesses.

wide view of Tesla solar storage battery for businesses closer view of Occidental Power installer inspecting Tesla solar storage battery  


For Homeowners

Batteries by Sonnen storing solar energy to support homes.

Sonnen solar storage battery for home
Sonnen solar storage battery inside garage