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We Felt in Good Hands When the Inspector Complimented Occidental

When we needed to replace our roof, we also looked into installing solar panels. As architects, we knew that even beyond the obvious benefits to our utility bill and environment, there would be some cost savings and better warrantees by coordinating the installation of panels with a new roof. Out of several solar contractors, we selected Occidental Solar and Power happily because of their competitive pricing, well-established relationship with a very reputable roofing company, thorough life-cost analysis, and ability to manage the rebate/tax credit process. Occidental clearly has a long-standing commitment to the industry and demonstrates a professionalism and quality of workmanship throughout the installation. We discussed every detail, including where exposed conduit would bend to minimize its presence in the space! Being present when the city's inspector signed off on the job, we felt in good hands when even the toughest inspector in the department complimented Occidental for their knowledge of code requirements and electrical principles.