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Panels on the Roof Blend in, Neighbors Haven't Noticed Them

Thank you so much for installing the solar system on my house. Your crew was professional and courteous, and you are obviously extremely knowledgeable about solar power. I really appreciated that you went out of your way multiple times to insure that I would receive my rebate from the state, and then when it came, you hand-delivered it to me.

The system is working perfectly and I sure picked a great time of year to get it up and running. With all the sun we've had lately that meter is spinning backward so fast I can't believe it! Every day I check to see how much power it's generated and to watch the numbers drop.

I wondered at first if the panels on the roof would stick out as a distraction from my new house remodel, but now they blend in so much that most of my neighbors haven't even noticed them. They're always surprised when I point them out, and of course intrigued!

Again, thank you so much for doing such a stellar job.