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Other Solar Providers Didn't Believe We Could Get This Much Power

Occidental Power recently (summer 2003) installed a 2.3 kW photovoltaic solar energy system on the roof of our house in the inner Sunset neighborhood. We are quite pleased with the results. It is always a pleasure to watch one's electric meter run backwards on sunny days!

Occidental Power took the time necessary to study our site and our needs, and then to design a system that would produce much of the electricity we use. Other solar energy providers we spoke with did not believe we could get this much power.

The employees of Occidental Power were consistently courteous and professional throughout the process. They worked in concert with our roofing contractor to install the solar system at the right point in time. The system went up quickly, but also with great attention to detail. It has a low profile (which keeps the neighbors happy in a residential area), and high efficiency, utilizing super efficient panels.

We interacted with many members of the Occidental team -- the original sales rep, the president of the firm, the designer of the system, and the installers. All of them worked with us to get the results we wanted.

Occidental obtained, organized, and completed (or guided us in completing, where necessary) all the paperwork for our state rebate and for setting up our system with PG&E. Occidental met with the city inspector, who approved the system. Then PG&E installed the bi-directional meter. Our system has been working flawlessly ever since.

As a result of this process, we now are a part-time generator of clean electricity as well as saving money on our electric bill. It has been a pleasure to work with Occidental Power throughout the process. We highly recommend them to others who are considering solar energy systems.