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Local Company Has Excellent Knowledge of Code Requirements

We offer this letter as an expression of our thanks for' your excellent service, workmanship and products as well as to extend to you our willingness to be used as a reference and recommendation for potential customers.

From the initial quotes through the construction phase and the final inspection, we found the entire staff of Occidental Power to be honest, competent and attentive to the needs of the customer. We were particularly pleased with the service of Geoffrey Fedoroff, who,although obviously quite busy, consistently found the time to listen to our questions or concerns and answer questions or resolve matters in a timely and professional manner.

During the design and layout phase, Occidental took the time to explain the options to us and then made the extra effort to configure the panels on our roof so as not to shadow the multiple sky-lights and solar tubes already installed in our home. Construction was started and completed on-time and during construction the on-site Occidental staff treated our home as "our home" as opposed to "just a job site". The main reason we chose Occidental over their competition was the quality of their workmanship which I observed when I visited some of their other job sites - and we remain extremely satisfied today.

We also found that, as a local solar company, Occidental had excellent working knowledge of the code requirements within San Francisco and obviously had the respect of both City and PGE inspectors. As they assured us during the quote phase, Occidental handled all matters relating to San Francisco City and PGE approval very efficiently and all were closed in a timely manner. Occidental also ensured that the
rebate processing went smoothly. Finally, the product which was recommended and installed by Occidental has performed exactly as claimed by Occidental.

Also, we have attached our solar generation chart for time period from installation in February 2004 to the present. This chart proves what you always claimed: SOLAR WORKS IN THE RICHMOND!