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Helped Me Time My Purchase to Maximize Incentives

Greg Kennedy and his crew have handled the whole installation process in a very professional and
efficient manner. Greg examined my bill and explained in detail how solar could reduce my costs. Later,
his team provided a detailed analysis of my bill, and explained how a solar system of a given size and
cost could pay for itself in a specific period of time, factoring in city, state and federal incentives.

These incentives operate in different ways (rebates, tax credits) and are "moving targets" because the
government entities offering them sometimes change the terms of the incentives. (In fact, the current
federal incentive was just coming into play, while the city incentive was about to decline.) Greg helped
me time my purchase to maximize the incentives being offered.

I dealt with at least a half-dozen different people from Occidental during the installation process.
Everyone was courteous and helpful. To tell the truth, I would have been happy to just let them install the
equipment and tell me when it was all done, but the men who installed the rooftop portion rang my bell
each day as they were leaving and showed me photos on their camera of the work they had just done.

An electrician from Greg's outfit helped us decide where to locate the inverter and other devices, taking
into account what would be most convenient and most "aesthetic." And making sure it conformed to
code, of course. When everything was installed and put into "test mode", they showed me how to read
the inverter. They even pointed out how I could involve my kids in reading the meter to make energy
conservation something real and practical--something they could be involved in. I've been able to find a
moment when the meter was running slowly, have the kids turn off lights they weren't using, and then
watch the meter start to run backwards. It's the first time they ever really "got it" when it comes to energy

I'm expecting the inspector today around noon. One of Greg's crew will be here for that.

The whole process has been problem free. I spoke with Greg in early December, crews did the work in
late December and early January. We had to wait a couple of weeks for the inverter to become available,
and then wait a couple more weeks for the inspector. But neither of those waits was Occidental's fault
and in any case the whole process was lightning fast from my perspective.