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Solar Electric Installations for Homes

For 25 years, Occidental Power has been lowering homeowners electricity bill by installing photovoltaic systems in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How does Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Work?

What does solar photovoltaic mean? Here's a simple explanation about what it is and how it works:

  1. Solar cells, also known as photovoltaics turn sun energy ("photo") into electricity ("voltaics").
  2. The electricity generates direct current (DC).
  3. Inverters convert the direct current to alternating current (AC).

These solar cells are built into an array of panels to generate enough electricity for buildings onsite,


Many Bay Area solar system installations are net-metered or connected to the local utility grid. This allows you to generate your own electricity and sell unused energy back to the grid. Utility intertied systems collect and add power to the utility grid during the day to offset power use at night. During daylight hours, the meter runs backwards when the solar panels produce more energy than the facility is using. You are in a sense using the grid as a giant battery. At night your meter rolls forward as you consume power from the grid. If you produce as much power as you consume you will not have a utility bill. The utility only charges for the net difference of power consumed and power produced.

Selected Home Solar PV Installations

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Bayview, San Francisco First permitted solar energy installation in San Francisco Palo Alto, Santa Clara County