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Consider a Solar Hot Water Installation for Your Home

Most often homeowners don't think about using the sun's energy for hot water. But did you know along with cash rebates for olar electricity/photovoltaic, you can also get cash rebates of up to $2,719 and a federal tax credit of 30 percent? Visit GoSolar California: Water Heated by the Sun

How Solar Thermal Works

A solar thermal system uses the sun to pre-heat water with your current water heater. This is how:

  1. A solar collector, typically a flat panel with fluid inside, absorbs heat from sunlight
  2. This heated water flows into the solar storage tank.
  3. The hot water is sent to your water heater and if necessary, heats up the water.
  4. Sensors determine when the water needs additional heating before entering the hot water system in the home.

Solar pre-heating reduces the amount of natural gas or electricity needed to heat water by increasing the temperature of water entering the conventional storage tank and heating system.

For example, solar pre-heated water may enter the storage tank at 90°F and thus need to be heated by 30° before leaving the hot water tank. A conventional system receives water at 60° and requires the amount of energy necessary to raise the temperature to 120°. In this example, the solar preheat reduces the amount of energy needed by one half.

Photo Gallery of Home Solar Thermal Installations

Solar thermal space heating, Noe Valley, San Francisco Ashbury Terrace, San Francisco Bay View, San Francisco
Thermal install in Noe Valley Solar water heating system for a pool in Atherton Thermal install in the Marina District
Solar Thermal installation in Tiburon Solar thermal installation in Napa Hills layout spacer