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Our History of Cutting-Edge Solar Projects

Occidental Power is the longest running and most experienced San Francisco solar power and cogeneration company. We design, install and maintain solar electric and solar hot water systems for Bay Area businesses, multi-family, non-profit, and homes. The city of San Francisco recognized us for installing the first permitted solar electric systems for both residential and commercial properties in 1996 and 1997.The San Francisco Business Times listed us as one of the Top 10 Largest Solar Installers in the Bay Area in 2010.

We were established in 1989 by Founder and General Manager, Greg Kennedy. Our first office was located just a few blocks from Ocean Beach, a place where pelicans fly overhead with their silhouettes cast by the sun. This is why we came up with the name Occidental Power because the Latin name for pelican is pelecanus occidentalis—not to mention—Greg Kennedy attended Occidental College. It was meant to be!

Pioneering Projects for Business and Public Buildings

Some of our earlier projects were often considered cutting-edge for its time. We were designing and installing renewable energy systems when "renewable energy systems" wasn't even a common phrase in mainstream America as it now is today. Our pioneering projects included:


Visit the San Francisco Solar Map for current businesses going solar. The Solar Map also features case studies of our innovative solar installations, including: a milestone project, St. Francis Square installed in 1982, JumpSlide Networks [PDF] installed in 2004, and Yoga Garden [PDF] installed in 2002.

Occidental Power Solar & Energy Storage Now

Our corporate office has recently moved to a building just across the street from our general office at 5982 Mission Street, while our general office still remains on 5983 Mission Street.

We continue to provide quality services including:


In addition, we provide:


We also have a friendly staff! Meet our team »