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Full Cooperation for Safety & Security of Installation

From Aaron Straus, Aaron & Jesusa Strauss

I have worked with Greg Kennedy and Occidental Power for over ten years and have been extremely
satisfied with their installation and services. I have used them, both on commercial and residential
installations and services. I have three locations with solar hot water heating systems and one location with a solar photovoltaic system. The solar water systems consist of a 12 panel (institutional), 5 panel
(institutional), and a single panel (residential) installation and the photovoltaic system is a 20 panel 2.5 Kw installation (residential).

Their professionalism, planning, detail and work have been excellent. They have been prompt to
respond to any problems (have only had two over ten years - both for equipment fixtures on equipment that they did not originally provide or install), and repaired the problems promptly during the same or next day.

Of the installations that were done, the larger 12-panel installation was on an operating residential care
home for the elderly in the Mission district of San Francisco. Between Greg and his employees, there was
full cooperation for the safety and security of the installation towards my staff and residents. There has not
been any problem with the operation of the system with parts that were supplied by Occidental. The only
problem that we have had, is that we used older solar panels (not supplied by Occidental) that I had in storage, and over the years they have developed internal leaks, which Occidental has been successful in correcting.

I have just completed a major renovation on my home, and have been working with Occidental Power
from the beginning to design, coordinate and install a 2.5 Kw Solar PV System. They also installed a solar
hot water system and an ultra efficient instantaneous back up water heater. I am very pleased with both

I highly recommend the experience and services of Occidental Power through my long relationship
with them. I have enjoyed seeing them progress through the years and seeing some of the other projects that they have done including Rainbow Grocery and a Laundromat on South Van Ness in the Mission District.