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All Hallows Community Highly Recommends Occidental Power

From Sister Grace Grima, All Hallows Community

We are a HUD-subsidized Senior apartment building in the Bayview District. Recently, through the ACE (Alternative Community Energy) Project, a collaboration of Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates & the San Francisco Department of the Environment, we were selected as a site for the installation of a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System. OCCIDENTAL POWER was the company selected for the installation which was recently completed.

I highly recommend OCCIDENTAL POWER as the company you should use for your above proposed work at 10 sites. To begin with, the owner of the company and the engineer came out to our site to personally examine the layout to ensure that our roof and electrical system were adequate for the project. This hands-on approach greatly reassured me that the company really had our best interests in mind.

When the work commenced, I was informed of the date workers would be arriving, the scope of the work to be done, and what possible inconveniences this might entail. The company was aware of the frail nature of the residents of the building, and the workers took steps to minimize any disruptions including using side stairs to climb up to the roof (5 stories) rather than monopolize use of the elevator! All the workers were courteous and professional at all times.

At the completion of the installation, the company followed through with scheduling inspections. They left me with a final folder containing the approvals and the building plans showing modifications to our original building structure and systems.

I cannot tell you how happy I am personally that All Hallows Community is getting "greener". OCCIDENTAL POWER deserves a large part of the credit.