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Customers Satisfied with Our Solar Installations

Success Stories from Businesses, Apartment Owners & Non-Profit Organizations

We at Tom Lee Roofing, Inc. want to express our appreciation for the high quality work that your company has consistently delivered on the solar and roof projects that we have coordinated with you over the past eight years. We have been extremely impressed by your company's professionalism as well as the skill and attention to detail of every member of your crew during each phase of our collaboration. As a result of the exemplary service we have come to expect from your company, we consider you to be one of the top solar companies in the Bay Area. It has sincerely been a pleasure working with you, and we anticipate doing more business with you in the near future.

~ Tom and Howard Lee, Tom Lee Roofing

I have worked with Greg Kennedy and Occidental Power for over ten years and have been extremely satisfied with their installation and services. I have used them, both on commercial and residential installations and services. I have three locations with solar hot water heating systems and one location with a solar photovoltaic system. The solar water systems consist of a 12 panel (institutional), 5 panel (institutional), and a single panel (residential) installation and the photovoltaic system is a 20 panel 2.5 Kw installation (residential)...Read more »

~ Aaron Strauss, Aaron & Jesusa Strauss

The San Francisco School is very pleased with the 24 kW photovoltaic system that Occidental installed for us last spring/summer. We especially appreciated working with Geoff and Greg and their willingness to go the extra mile to locate panels when there was a worldwide shortage! After the solar kick-off celebration and presentations last Fall, the students have been very aware of the power that is being generated on-site and the potential for even more if we ever get any sunshine...Read more »

~ Miriam Philips, San Francisco School

I highly recommend OCCIDENTAL POWER as the company you should use for your above proposed work at 10 sites. To begin with, the owner of the company and the engineer came out to our site to personally examine the layout to ensure that our roof and electrical system were adequate for the project. This hands-on approach greatly reassured me that the company really had our best interests in mind...Read more »

~ Sister Grace Grima, All Hallows Community

Thank you and your wonderful company for installing the new solar heated water tanks at my family's 16-unit apartment complex at 2396 Pine Street in San Francisco. I now know why my uncle hired you 20 years ago to install our initial solar water tank system...Read more »

~ Gary Takeoka, Owner of 2396 Pine Street Apartment Complex

Happy Homeowners

Greg Kennedy and his crew have handled the whole installation process in a very professional and
efficient manner. Greg examined my bill and explained in detail how solar could reduce my costs. Later,
his team provided a detailed analysis of my bill, and explained how a solar system of a given size and
cost could pay for itself in a specific period of time, factoring in city, state and federal incentives...Read more »

~ Eric Wolfe

I understand that you are considering listing Occidental Power as a recommended service at Cole Hardware. I recently used Occidental Power to design and install my solar panel system for our house in Cole Valley and I heartily recommend Occidental. Their service was excellent -- our project changed and then changed again over a three-year span of time, and they rolled with it and helped out during each new iteration. Also, they have been extremely organized, something I would appreciate under normal circumstances, but valued even more during the crazy-making period of our major renovation. The installation itself went off without a hitch, and as far as I can tell, everything is all good on the roof. We're generating a bunch of power! Additionally, I really enjoyed working with the various individuals at the company during the process. Greg is extremely knowledgeable about the politics of the solar industry in California and the various constraints operating in San Francisco, too. I would be happy to answer any specific questions you might have during your evaluation process. Thank you for your consideration of my views.

~ Teri Olle

I am writing in support of the Occidental Power company because of the wonderful job they did, from soup to nuts, installing our solar energy system. From the first contact to the last interaction they have been professional, accommodating and delightful to work with. In addition the work has been top notch and we are totally satisfied with the overall system and the interaction throughout the process. From the sale through the design, construction and helping us to receive our rebate they have been terrific...Read more »

~ Ellen and Richard Price

Occidental Power installed a 2.3 kw photovoltaic solar energy system on the roof of our house in the inner Sunset neighborhood. We are quite pleased with the results. It is always a pleasure to watch one's electric meter run backwards on sunny days...Read more »

~ Linda Zimmerman & Richard Neal

Overall I couldn't be happier with the way the whole thing went. Occidental Power handled everything in a professional and timely manner, I always felt I knew what was going on and the results have been wonderful. I will have gotten all my money back in the form of lower electric bills in less than ten years time...Read more »

~ Rex Hull

Thank you so much for installing the solar system on my house. Your crew was professional and courteous, and you are obviously extremely knowledgeable about solar power. I really appreciated that you went out of your way multiple times to insure that I would receive my rebate from the state, and then when it came, you hand-delivered it to me...
Read more »

~ Danielle Dignan

...As conservationists concerned with the environment and the onset of global warming, we are pleased that we decided to install the photovoltaic panels. Initially, we had wondered whether solar power was feasible in the San Francisco fog belt, but we have become convinced not only that it is feasible, but also is a good way of reducing rising energy costs...Read more »

~ Anne Ackerman and Robert Wernick

...I am an architect and I had very precise opinions about the visual impact on our house. The first design had panels that were tilted to optimize the solar gain, I asked that they be revised to be flat so, that they could not be seen from the street. Occidental Power was very responsive to my concerns and dealt with them promptly. They revised the design at no additional cost and installed the system how I wanted it installed...Read more »

~ Paul I. Cooper, AlA, NCARB

...From the initial quotes through the construction phase and the final inspection, we found the entire staff of Occidental Power to be honest, competent and attentive to the needs of the customer. We were particularly pleased with the service of Geoffrey Fedoroff, who,although obviously quite busy, consistently found the time to listen to our questions or concerns and answer questions or resolve matters in a timely and professional manner...Read more »

~ Michael Sugarman and Pamela Schalk

...Out of several solar contractors, we selected Occidental Solar and Power happily because of their competitive pricing, well-established relationship with a very reputable roofing company, thorough life-cost analysis, and ability to manage the rebate/tax credit process. Occidental clearly has a long-standing commitment to the industry and demonstrates a professionalism and quality of workmanship throughout the installation...Read more »

~ Gayle and Gary Strang

It is with unreserved enthusiasm that I can recommend Occidental Power. When I made the decision to consider solar for my residence, I conducted a thorough research of all the solar companies in the Bay Area. I had six companies come to my house and give me a comprehensive estimate of what it would take to take create a solar array to fulfill all my power needs. From the very beginning Occidental emerged as the premium choice for solar in the Bay Area...
Read more »

~ Michael F. Gibson